Reach far beyond!

Imagination is the first step to creativity, so you youngsters have a key advantage!

Did you know that is very normal that as we age we come with less creative solutions to problems? It seems that while in preschool we are capable of thinking out of the box, we give a lot of creative ideas and solutions when faced with a challenge. But this characteristic fades as we grow, having a drop at adolescence (and let’s not talk about adults…)

An explanation to this may be that as we grow older, we know more, we have learned many things. And this is an advantage, of course, but it also makes us ignore things that may contradict what we already know, basically,…we go to the obvious solution or one close to what we already know instead of facing challenging issues.

At INNOCAMP we want you to keep exploring, be curious about the problems and possible solutions, keep being an incredible and creative person!