Learn by doing.
Design, prepare, program, develop…

We will make you apply every step of the way the concept known as “Design Thinking”.

From the 1st day at INNOCAMP the team will be faced with a common challenge: colonize a habitable planet beyond Earth…and every day you will be finding new opportunities to prove your problem-solving skills

INNOCAMP Monitors will provide insight on technology, science and will review concepts that you have learned in school… Define your problem, define the tools you already have to tackle the challenge

Ideas are welcome! The team has to be creative every step of the way, always developing towards the common goal. And remember, INNOCAMP it’s not only about the theory but about building and making your ideas come to life. Not only you will learn by experimentation, but also the team will have time to develop and put into practice all their knowledge
The team will always have the help of INNOCAMP monitors to find a successful solution but beyond this guide… it’s about sharing!
Share what you have accomplished with other campers, with monitors, with your parents…and solve the challenge!